A divorce legally formalises the ending of a marriage. A separation for at least 12 months irrespective of whether the parties have or have not reached agreement in relation to a division of their assets or the care arrangements of their children is the only ground justifying an application for divorce recognised by the law.

    Most divorces are reasonably straightforward however there are a number of matters that may cause complexities about which specialised legal advice may be required eg.

    • Parties separate but continue living under the one roof or separate and reconcile a number of times
    • A party may not be able to be located or is living overseas
    • The marriage occurred overseas
    • A Court may not be satisfied that in all the circumstances proper arrangements have been made for the care welfare and development of a child or children of the marriage
    • A party disputes the date of separation
    • A party is avoiding service of the application
    • The parties have been married less than 2 years

    In those circumstances a client will require expert legal advice.

    The lawyers at Twigg Family Law have many years of experience in assisting clients and obtaining a divorce in circumstances that many not be straightforward.